The macbook keyboard in WindowsXP (parallels VM)

As a web developer, test the development in the most used Internet browsers is a requirement, and in order to test in IE, Windows is needed.

I only will use Windows to few tasks (I almost don´t use it since I get my macbook with Leopard), then I have intalled the Parallels software, and created a Windows XP VM.

I have a little problem with the keyboard layout, my macbook has the western spanish keyboard, but in the parallels VM there is not correctly recognized (some keys has a different action), the first problem was writing a url, the / character is in a different key. 

I have tried with several layuots, but finally I have found the correct (I suspect so), the correct layout in WindowsXP is Español/Latinoamérica.

Updated: For some reason in the last versions of Parallels I have to use the Español layout.



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