JasperReports API Tutorial

Hi, today I start this JasperReports tutorial, I am writing it originally in spanish, but I think that a English version is needed to.

This tutorial, is not about designing JasperReports templates, but implementing reports using the JasperReports API, because know the API takes me some effort to know, and I like to share this knowledge.

In the beginig, using the JR (Jasper Reports) API is not easy, but with practice, one can notice that the API is friendly, and intuitive.

I am sorry, but I will delay some time between every lesson (or sample), I will try to write one sample every two weeks or earlier, and sorry by my English, please, if you found some error, notify me.

Here the first sample, Executing a template based report

Second chapter First sample using the JasperReports API

Third sample released: Report with data

Thanks for reading, let me know your comments.


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